How to Make Beer Easy

Are you wanting to learn “How to Make Beer” the right way and even more importantly in a way that creates great tasting beer? Wellllll…. You have come to the right place… This site is ALL about showing you from my own personal experience how to make beer. Making beer at home is a […]

Improve Your Home Brewing Kit

Are you disappointed in the quality of your beer made from the Home Brewing Kit you picked up? Plain and simply does the beer taste terrible? If so relax we have ALL been there… …Pretty much every home brewer starts out the same way with a Home Brewing Kit and the beer was terrible!  We […]

Brew in a Bag Brew Day–English Pale Ale

Yes indeeed it is once again Brew in a Bag brew day! I am lovin me these BIAB brew days…  This is now my 3rd biab recipe I have done. My first will be ready for a taste test this week it is a Pilsner… …so be sure to Get on my mailing list in […]

Kegging Homebrew Instructions

I made the move to kegging homebrew about 1 year ago and will never go back to bottling! Now having said when I do a batch of 23 liters, I only keg 19 liters so I do end up bottling 3-4 liters, and since I use 1 liter bottles with the Coopers Carbonation drops it […]

Brew in a Bag or BIAB Brewing Day

If you have ever wondered how to do Brew in a Bag aka BIAB Brewing well then this home brewing video is for you my friend!  So for some dang reason I decided that it would be a Great Freaking idea to break out my Brew in a Bag equipment and fire up the burner […]

Brew Canada Red Ale Review and Taste Test

Taste test time baby!!  On tap is my Brew Canada Red Ale review! Today is also my weekly update that I like to call “Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds” or TTT on WW for short… catchy I know!!  Alright so in regards to this Brew Canada Red Ale… …it is your typically can of […]

Brewing a Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale – With a TWIST

Hey hey hey… its brew day! And I am brewing a Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale with a Twist!  What do I mean when I say with a Twist? Great question… the twist is that you take the Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale can of goo and you add some other goodies to it… … […]

Taste Test Home Brewed APA – American Pale Ale

Taste Test of my new Home Brewed APA time!! Oh ya… I call it TTT on WW day… or Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds!! Today I break out a pint or 10 of my new Home Brewed APA – American Pale Ale … I just kegged this home brewed beer 4-5 days ago! It […]

Kegging an Improved Canada Brew Red Ale Beer with C02

Whazzzzzz Upppp!!  Time to keg up some Canada Brew Read Ale beer… oh yaaa! in today’s video I am kegging a Canada Brew Red Ale…  … A Canada Brew Red Ale is a Beer kit, can of goo very much like A Coopers Beer Kit or A Muntons Beer Kit. I brewed this home brew … […]

Warning! NOT How to Keg Home Brew Beer

Ohhhh yaaaaa… whats happening my home brewing maniac?!? Are you looking to learn how to keg home brew? Well are you in for a dozy of a teat today… Today’s post is all about what NOT to do when learning how to keg home brew.  We all learn lessons and some times by our mistakes… […]