Brew in a Bag Brew Day–English Pale Ale

Yes indeeed it is once again Brew in a Bag brew day! I am lovin me these BIAB brew days…  This is now my 3rd biab recipe I have done. My first will be ready for a taste test this week it is a Pilsner… …so be sure to Get on my mailing list in […]

Kegging Homebrew Instructions

I made the move to kegging homebrew about 1 year ago and will never go back to bottling! Now having said when I do a batch of 23 liters, I only keg 19 liters so I do end up bottling 3-4 liters, and since I use 1 liter bottles with the Coopers Carbonation drops it […]

Brew in a Bag or BIAB Brewing Day

If you have ever wondered how to do Brew in a Bag aka BIAB Brewing well then this home brewing video is for you my friend!  So for some dang reason I decided that it would be a Great Freaking idea to break out my Brew in a Bag equipment and fire up the burner […]

Brew Canada Red Ale Review and Taste Test

Taste test time baby!!  On tap is my Brew Canada Red Ale review! Today is also my weekly update that I like to call “Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds” or TTT on WW for short… catchy I know!!  Alright so in regards to this Brew Canada Red Ale… …it is your typically can of […]

Brewing a Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale – With a TWIST

Hey hey hey… its brew day! And I am brewing a Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale with a Twist!  What do I mean when I say with a Twist? Great question… the twist is that you take the Mr Beer Northwest Pale Ale can of goo and you add some other goodies to it… … […]

Taste Test Home Brewed APA – American Pale Ale

Taste Test of my new Home Brewed APA time!! Oh ya… I call it TTT on WW day… or Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds!! Today I break out a pint or 10 of my new Home Brewed APA – American Pale Ale … I just kegged this home brewed beer 4-5 days ago! It […]

Kegging an Improved Canada Brew Red Ale Beer with C02

Whazzzzzz Upppp!!  Time to keg up some Canada Brew Read Ale beer… oh yaaa! in today’s video I am kegging a Canada Brew Red Ale…  … A Canada Brew Red Ale is a Beer kit, can of goo very much like A Coopers Beer Kit or A Muntons Beer Kit. I brewed this home brew … […]

Warning! NOT How to Keg Home Brew Beer

Ohhhh yaaaaa… whats happening my home brewing maniac?!? Are you looking to learn how to keg home brew? Well are you in for a dozy of a teat today… Today’s post is all about what NOT to do when learning how to keg home brew.  We all learn lessons and some times by our mistakes… […]

Kegging a Improved Coopers Real Ale with Priming Sugar

Heeeeyyyyy hows she going my brewing friend-ski? Today’s home brew video is where I keg my Coopers Real Ale Beer kit that I added quite a few adjunts AKA Add Junks to it! Maybe too many in fact!! I have not had a taste test of this Coopers Real Ale as of yet… but it […]

How to Improve a Beer Kit & Make Great Tasting Beer!

Alright alright alright alriiiigggghhhttt Make Beer Time!! Today I am going to show you how to make beer from a can of goo and make it taste GREAT! This has been my goal for the last year… to be able to use a can of goo and make a great tasting beer without a ton […]