Bottling HomeBrew: Coopers European Lager

yo yo yo yo…  my fellow home brewing homies! Today is a continuation from my last post Brewing a Coopers European Lager. We are now officially at the bottling of this homebrew stage.  If you want to learn how to bottle homebrew this video will get ya rolling!  Alright so as you will see I […]

Brewing a Coopers European Lager with Coopers DIY Kit

Ok my fellow home brewing maniacs… time to brew a Coopers European Lager! Today’s home brew video has a little history behind it…  a fellow you tuber made a comment on my channel under one of my videos where I took a cooper kit and changed it up a bit… … he said he finds […]

Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Home Brew Equipment

YO Pay Attention!! What we are about to discuss in the following home brew video is crucial to your success at making good beer at home!  Most people will make pretty good home brew their first try and then it all goes to shits after that… … and there is a pretty straight forward reason […]

Coopers DIY Kit – Lager Bottling

ok dokie turning back the clock on this bad boy of a home brew video… … this was actually my very fist home brew video… and what is very cool is it is one of the first brews, in fact it might be my first brew with the coopers diy kit. In this video I […]

How to Keg Your Homebrew Beer

Alright…. heading to the big times with this homebrew video… if you are tired of bottling your home brew beer and want to learn how to start kegging it instead… today’s video is for you. In this video I walk you through exactly How keg home brew. In fact this is the first time I have […]

Making Home Brew – Coopers Lager Beer Kit With a TWIST

Hey ya gang…  today I do a home brew video where I vastly improve a coopers lager beer kit by turning it into an Amber Ale beer.  I do this by simply steeping specialty grains, boiling these beer grains with the coopers home brew liquid malt extract that comes with the coopers beer kit and […]

Home Brew Review: Brewers Best West Coast Pale Ale – Taste Test

Oh ya… the best part of home brewing is Taste Test time!! Today I dive right into a Brewers Best West Coast Pale Ale!  I am highly impressed with the Brewers Best home brew kits. For kit beers they make outstanding home brew beer. Now they are a step ahead in regards to complexity then […]

Easy to Make Homebrew IPA kit

IPA time my friends! Was pretty jacked up making this homebrew IPA…  … To be very upfront it has only be very recently that I have come to enjoy an IPA beer, in fact for some reason these beers seem to have taken at least North America by storm in recent years, you see them […]

3 Home Brewing Tips

In today’s homebrew video I actually give you 3 Home Brewing tips on how to make good beer at home! Homebrewing is a bad ass fun filled hobby… where else can you have fun with your hobby and then drink it when you are done?!?  However there are some challenges with home brewing and making […]

Sanitize & Clean Home Brew Beer Bottles

Ok dokie… Today is an older homebrew video I did some time back… it got a shit ton of views… and it is interesting it got more likes then dislikes but a hell of a lot more dislikes then any video I have ever done! I get why…  this video is all about how to […]