Homebrew Review: Mr Beer Pilsner – Taste Test

Hey welcome to this Homebrew Review!

Today I am going to take a taste test of my Mr Beer Pilsner!

This is the first Mr. beer I have ever made and I believe it was just before Coopers Beer Kits purchased Mr Beer. Mr Beer pilsner home brew kit

Mr Beer describes this pilsner home brew in the following way:

” It is a bright golden pilsner beer brewed with premium pale malt, which displays a traditional  Saaz hop aroma & a somewhat dry and a nice refreshing bitter like finish to it”

Well Mr Beer we will be the judge of that sir!  🙂

So in regards to how I brewed this Pilsner homebrew…  I left it in the Coopers DIY fermenter for 3 weeks…  I then bottled it and left it in the bottles for 2 weeks… and then transferred the bottles to the fridge for another  weeks!

So how did it turn out?

Check out the beer review video and find out my friend!

Trust you enjoyed the review of this Mr Beer Pilsner…

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Until my next Homebrew Review….


Big Robb!!

Big Robb Home brewing

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