Blonde Ale Grain to Glass

The blonde ale brew was awwnnn… I call my blonde ale “The Ol’Durty Blonde”… because it is more of a Golden Ale… a little darker then most blonde ales

So what exactly is a blonde ale?

A blonde ale is what most home brewers and craft beer gooroos would consider a transition beer from commercial beers into craft beers.  Blonde Ale

Somewhat of an introduction craft beer if you will… oh yeah! Yea

A blonde ale is typically a dry beer with light to medium malt taste. Also has a lowish to medium bitterness from hops. Its aroma for the most part is minimal. It may have a little bit of a slight fruity flavor.

The color of blonde ales range from light yellow to a light golden color. My Ol’Durty Blonde is more towards the golden color.

Carbonation can be towards the medium to high end.

It is what I would consider as the closest you could get an ale to look and taste like a lager.

Now as you will see in my taste test something happened to this batch of my Ol’Durty… I missed my OG and ABV was much lower then it should have been, coming in at 3.5’ish instead of the 4.9% it should have been.

My Big Robb genius rationale for this having occurred is because my grains were about 4-5 months old and they were already crushed… Dig It!?!

However the beer turned out just fine… I could see myself cranking numerous amounts of these down on a hot sunny summer day… yeah!

Alright on with the show!! (P.s… if you want to brew up the Ol’Durty, the recipe is at the bottom of this page)


Brewing the Blonde Ale… AKA “The Ol’Durty Blonde”:


Taste Test of “Ol”Durty Blonde:


Wanna Brew this Bad Ass Beer… your in luck cause Big Robb likes to share… oh yeah!

For Recipe Click Here


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