Bottling a Mr Beer Howling Red Ale

Yo yo  yo and a bottle of HomeBrew!

Well almost…

… today gang join in this edition of Make Beer Easy and watch as I bottle my Mr Beer Kit Howling red ale! This Mr Beer Kit Tastes like no work tomorrow

A howling red ale… what in the name of Zeus’es arse is that you might ask?

Well you can check out video where I brewed this home brew beer and explain what is involved in this Mr Beer kit recipe.

here is the link to that video:  Brewing a Mr Beer Howling Red Ale

Long story short it is a Mr Beer with a twist..  Mr Beer has started putting out recipes for some of their beer kits..  these recipes include more then just the usual Mr Beer Can of goo…

…  in this recipe I added some liquid malt extract (golden) and some hops!

Very cool… looks great and smells awesome… can’t wait for the taste test in 3 weeks… so be sure to subscribe to my updates on this blog so you also can find out what this home brewed ale turns out tasting like!

On with the show…


Your turn my home brewing friend…

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Until my next home brewing video…


Big Robb!!

Big Robb Home brewing



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