Bottling Homebrew Beer – Brew Canada Light Beer

Whazzzz  upppp!?!

Alright… today’s Home brew video is of me a few years back bottling a Brew Canada Light Beer! Bottling Homebrew Beer - Brew Canada Light Beer

Its the first time I ever brewed a Brew Canada beer, I have found they are very similar in quality to the Coopers beer kits and the Mr Beer homebrew kits.

I am not sure if you can get them outside of Canada but try and you might find them.

I again brewed this homebrew in my trusty Coopers DIY primary fermenter…  

I let the beer ferment for 2 weeks and I bottle the homebrew in 1 liter glass bottles, which rock as they obviously hold more and they have the bottle caps that clamp down which make it easier to deal with when bottling the beer.

I also used the Coopers carbonation drops for the sugar that you put in the bottles, they work great and are easy to use.  2 drops per 1 liter bottle works good.

Alright thats enough yapping…  on with the show:

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Big Robb Home brewing

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