Bottling HomeBrew: Coopers European Lager

yo yo yo yo…  my fellow home brewing homies!

Today is a continuation from my last post Brewing a Coopers European Lager.

We are now officially at the bottling of this homebrew stage.  If you want to learn how to bottle homebrew this video will get ya rolling! Bottling coopers European lager

Alright so as you will see I left this Coopers European Lager beer kit in the primary and only fermenter for 10 days.  The bubbling had stopped so I feel comfortable transferring the beer to the beer bottles and as you will see Mini Kegs.

The deal now is that I agreed to wait a full 3 Freaking Months before sampling this coopers home brew.

Apparently if I wait this long then this homebrew is suppose to be a top notch beer… We will see in 3 months time!

In the mean time enjoy this homebrewing video:

Alright NOW it is your turn….

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Until my next home brew video my homies…


Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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