Bottling Homebrew: Mr Beer Aztec Cerveza

Here we go again… alright alright alright ALRIGHT!

Today’s homebrew video is actually of me bottling a Mr Beer home brew… Mr beer bottling home brew funny

It is a Mr Beer Aztec Cerveza.

It turned out to be a decent tasting Cerveza, not quite up to Corona standards but not far off and crazy easy to make using the Mr Beer kit.

This Mr Beer kit was right before Coopers Beers purchased the Mr Beer Kit business.

Anyhow… as you will see with bottling this I use 1 liter glass bottles and I carbonate the homebrew with the Coopers Carbonation drops.

For 1 liter bottles I use 2 carbonation drops and it works fine.

Back when I did this home brew video I was bottling all my beers now a days I combine kegging and bottling… best of both worlds, beer on tap for instant enjoyment and bottled beer you can put away to age nicely and take with you when you go places.

Anyhow… check out this home brew video and if you have any questions on the Mr Beer kits or bottling ask away in the comments below!


Until my next home brew video…

Cheers my friend!

Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing

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