Brew in a Bag or BIAB Brewing Day

If you have ever wondered how to do Brew in a Bag aka BIAB Brewing well then this home brewing video is for you my friend! Brew in a bag

So for some dang reason I decided that it would be a Great Freaking idea to break out my Brew in a Bag equipment and fire up the burner and brew me some home brew in the middle of a Dang Canadian Snow Storm!


I have no freaking idea… and as you will see in the video it was Dang Cold man… Dang Cold!

However we we able to very easily come up for the Brew in a Bag beer…

Snow Shovel Red Ale!!

Clever and catchy if I do say so myself!

Actually I can not take the credit for it… I ran a poll in my Facebook Group asking for some names…

I originally came up with 3 options for this Brew in a bag beer:

  1. Blizzard Ale
  2. Snow Storm Ale
  3. White Out Ale

One of the members of my facebook page said why not Snow Shovel Blizzard Red Ale…  So as you will see in this BIAB Brewing video that is what I said I would call it… BUT I have shortened it recently to Snow Shovel Red Ale!

If you are not on my Make Beer Easy Facebook group you can click this link and head over there and join the fun!

Ok back to the BIAB Brewing day…

So this was actually an all grain Brew in a Bag kit that I picked up… it was a Best Case kit which is a kit you can get up here in Canada, but it is very similar to the Brewers Best Beer Kits.

I will be doing one of the Brewers Best Beer Kits for one of my next BIAB Brewing videos… so get on my mailing list on the side of the blog and I will send you a message when that homebrewing video is done.

So this Brew in a Bag is an Irish Red Ale… I do list the ingredients that I use in this beer in the video, so get your pen out and take notes if you want to give this home brew a try.

Also stay tune as I will be doing a taste test of this BIAB Snow Shovel Red Ale in about 3-4 weeks!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions OR if you are going to try BIAB Brewing or have done so in the past?

Enjoy the show!:


Until next time… keep on a Brewing!

Big Robb out…

Big Robb Home brewing



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