Brew Canada Red Ale Review and Taste Test

Taste test time baby!!  On tap is my Brew Canada Red Ale review!

Today is also my weekly update that I like to call “Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds” or TTT on WW for short… catchy I know!! Brew Canada Red Ale Review

Alright so in regards to this Brew Canada Red Ale…

…it is your typically can of goo, just like a Coopers Beer Kit or a Mr Beer beer kit, etc!

Except with this Brew Canada Red Ale I add a ton of “Add Junks” (adjuncts) to it to improve this beer kit and make some damn tasty red ale home brew if I do say so myself.

Here is the link to me brewing this Canada Red Ale if ya want to give it a go.

And this link will take you to youtube where I Kegged this Brew Canada Red Ale using C02.

Now in this video I actually am doing my taste test from a bottle instead of the keg…

…I have already drank all of this home brew that I had in a keg… I do find there is a different taste when you keg it verses bottling it…

I do tend to like the bottled versions better but Kegging is so much damn easier…

In this case I made 23 liters of this Canada Red Ale… so I was able to keg 19 liters of it and bottle the remaining 4 liters.  I used the Coopers Carbonation drops with the bottles!

Anyway enjoy this Brew Canada Red Ale Review and weekly TTT on WW update!



Until next time… keep on a Brewing!

Big Robb out…

Big Robb Home brewing



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