Brew in a Bag Brew Day–English Pale Ale

Yes indeeed it is once again Brew in a Bag brew day!

I am lovin me these BIAB brew days… Brew in a bag

This is now my 3rd biab recipe I have done.

My first will be ready for a taste test this week it is a Pilsner…

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What Cha Brewing Big Robb?

So in today’s homebrewing video my brew in a bag brew is an English Pale Ale.

I purchased the ingredients from Ontario Beer Kegs… OBK!

It is actually an all grain brew in a bag kit that comes with everything you need to make the beer.

The brew in a bag recipe calls for:

80z 2-row malt

1 oz Crystal 40L

1 oz Hallertauer Tradition hops

1 oz Fuggles hops

1 package Safale S-04 English Ale Yeast

This brew in a bag recipe calls for 21 days of fermentation…. so we will let’er ride for the 3 weeks and then keg it up.


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BIAB Brew Was A Success:

As you will see in the video the Brew day went pretty good, not to many mistakes or hold ups.

Two areas I will be focusing on improving on in my next BIAB are:

getting the post boil volume up to where I want it to be… in this batch I wanted 19 – 2- liters and ended up with 17.5. Which means my boil off rate was more then 1 gallon per hour. When it came to the brew in a bag sparge, I only used 1 gallon of water, next time I will try 1.5 – 2 gallons.

And temperature control during the mash is a bit of a challenge, I am looking into purchasing some insulating material to wrap around the kettle during mash to keep the temperature constant.


But outside of those two issues… I am pretty jacked up about this brew in a bag brew day…

… and pretty damn excited for the taste test of this beer.

So lets get on with the show…

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Until next time… keep on a Beer in a Bag Brewing!


Big Robb out!

Big Robb Home brewing



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