Brewing a Coopers European Lager with Coopers DIY Kit

Ok my fellow home brewing maniacs… time to brew a Coopers European Lager!

Today’s home brew video has a little history behind it…  a fellow you tuber made a comment on my channel under one of my videos where I took a cooper kit and Brewing a coopers european lagerchanged it up a bit…

… he said he finds it bizarre that people do not follow the instructions that come with a Coopers beer kit…  we got into a nice little back and forth all very above board and proper like…  but in the end I took the challenge from him to make a coopers European lager using my coopers DIY kit and to follow the instructions on them!

Now he did stress that one of the keys to making great tasting beer from home using any home brew beer kit is to let the beer sit in the bottles for at least 3 months…

… And I will admit I have NEVER done this… why?

Well because I like Beer and I get thirsty!! 🙂

But I promised this time I leave this Coopers European Lager in the bottles for a min of 3 months!  Stay tuned as I will be doing homebrew taste test videos on this beer!

Now there is a wee bit of a funny thing in my mind about this whole experience…  my youtube fellow home brewer told me to follow the instructions in the coopers European lager beer kit… but then went ahead and told me to get some Amber non hopped malt extra and Dextrose to add to the brew…

… The instructions in the beer kit do not call for any additional fermentables… at least here in Canada…

…so we are cheating a tinsy winsy little bit in my opinion… but I am excited to try this home brew because if you can make very good tasting home brew just from a home brew kit with out any additional grains and hops… that will be a very very cool thing!

So… lets find out:

So whatcha think?

Now do nto get me wrong I like home brew kit beer just fine… but in my experience and opinion partial grains and drying hopping etc make superior beer.

What has your experience been? Let me know in the comments below!

And here is video 2 in this series Bottling HomeBrew: Coopers European Lager

Until my next home brew video my homies…


Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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