Brewing a Mr Beer Howling Red Ale

Yo yo yo… and a bottle of homebrew!!

Fun home brewing video for you cats today…  I broke out of retirement my trust ol”Mr Beer kit! make great tasting beer

Yup the Mr Beer kit… which is now owned by Coopers beers by the way…


A New Recipe for Mr Beer?!?

I came across a Mr Beer receipt called a Howling red ale, that uses their Oktoberfest Lager pre-hopped liquid extract… but it calls for a few other ingredients that got my attention.  (you will have to check out video to see homie!)

I do enjoy the Mr Beer kits concepts of simplicity with brewing their beers…  AND if these recipes they have recently started to come out with turn out to produce some good tasting home brew beer… well I will be continuing to brew up some of these bad boys from time to time.


Video Time!

So check out the video AND be sure to tune back in for the Taste Test of this Mr Beer Howling Red Ale!

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On with the Homebrew show:

So whatcha think?

Time to break out the Mr Beer kit yourself and give this recipe a try?  If so comment below and let me know!

If you do not have a Mr Beer Kit I recommend them they are easy and great for testing out recipes on a smaller scale… here is a link to check them out:

Click here for USA & the Rest of the world Link to Mr Beer

Click here for the Canadian Link to Mr Beer

Until my next home brew video keep brewing!


Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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