Brewing a Coopers Real Ale With DME, LME and Willamette Hops


This home brew recipe should be a doozy for sure! Why cause I just made the damn thing up!! haha Brewing a Coopers Real Ale home brew

Here is to hoping that it turns out good… taste test will tell!!

As far as the ingredients, as you will see I just used what ever beer supplies I had kicking around. I start with a Coopers Red Ale, the typical Coopers Beer kit or can of goo… and I add some goodies to the beer recipe. Suck as Dry Malt extract (alot of it)… Liquid Malt extract (quite a bit of It) and I dry hopped it with Willamette hops!

It should be a very tasty home brewed beer when it is done, but ya never freaking know. Home Brewing is like one giant science experiment, EXCEPT you get to drink it down when you are done brewing! 🙂

Alright check it out and be sure to tune back in for the taste test video that is coming soon… so be sure to subscribe on the side of the blog so you don’t miss how it turns out!

On with the show!

Until my next home brew video keep brewing!


Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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