Brew Canada Red Ale Review and Taste Test

Taste test time baby!!  On tap is my Brew Canada Red Ale review! Today is also my weekly update that I like to call “Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds” or TTT on WW for short… catchy I know!!  Alright so in regards to this Brew Canada Red Ale… …it is your typically can of […]

Taste Test Home Brewed APA – American Pale Ale

Taste Test of my new Home Brewed APA time!! Oh ya… I call it TTT on WW day… or Taste Test Tuesday on Wasted Weds!! Today I break out a pint or 10 of my new Home Brewed APA – American Pale Ale … I just kegged this home brewed beer 4-5 days ago! It […]

Drunk Taste Test: Mr Beer Howling Red Ale

Oh ho ho ho ho…. do I have a show for you lads today! And YUP you read that right, this home brew review is a drunk taste test… meaning we are loaded!! This past weekend, my neighbor who after a few pints of this delicious homebrew, we decided to nick name “Mad Dog Mat”, […]

Coopers European Lager Taste Test

Hey hey hey!! Today is a fun day… its taste test day… some times that turns out not so good… but most times its a freaking great time! Today I crack open a Coopers European Lager…  now this European lager is the very same that I was challenged to wait 3 months before drinking…  … […]

Home Brew Review: Brewers Best West Coast Pale Ale – Taste Test

Oh ya… the best part of home brewing is Taste Test time!! Today I dive right into a Brewers Best West Coast Pale Ale!  I am highly impressed with the Brewers Best home brew kits. For kit beers they make outstanding home brew beer. Now they are a step ahead in regards to complexity then […]

Homebrew Review: Coopers Lager – Taste Test

Hey gang, welcome back for another fun filled homebrew review! Well at least they are fun for me as I get to drink beer… oh ho ho ya!! Today’s home brew review video is of the Coopers Lager. I made this Lager using the Coopers DIY kit. I left it to brew and ferment in […]

Homebrew Review: Mr Beer Pilsner – Taste Test

Hey welcome to this Homebrew Review! Today I am going to take a taste test of my Mr Beer Pilsner! This is the first Mr. beer I have ever made and I believe it was just before Coopers Beer Kits purchased Mr Beer.  Mr Beer describes this pilsner home brew in the following way: ” […]