Cleaning & Sanitizing Your Home Brew Equipment

YO Pay Attention!!

What we are about to discuss in the following home brew video is crucial to your success at making good beer at home! Sanitize and clean your homebrew equipment

Most people will make pretty good home brew their first try and then it all goes to shits after that…

… and there is a pretty straight forward reason why that is…  the beer kit they bought was sanitized for the most part and definitely had never been used to make beer before  and as such it only needed a light cleaning and sanitizing to make good beer.

However once the home brew kit and beer bottles have been used once they need to have the shit scrubbed out of them (with a soft cloth) and they need to be sanitized like a Sum-A-Bitch… meaning very well!

Making good beer with your home brew kit is not hard, but it does take attention to detail and cleaning and sanitizing is one of the most important components to home brewing!

So check this video out and see how it is done Y’All:

So there you have it!!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this method of cleaning your home brew equipment… and by all means provide any tips, thoughts or anything else you wanna add!!

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