Coopers European Lager Taste Test

Hey hey hey!!

Today is a fun day… its taste test day… some times that turns out not so good… but most times its a freaking great time!

Today I crack open a Coopers European Lager…  now this European lager is the very same that I was challenged to wait 3 months before drinking… home brew equipment

… and I was told that if I waited that long it would be excellent beer!

I call it the Coopers challenge…  watch me explain what is involved in this coopers beer kit challenge here!

soooo has it been freaking 3 months…. ahhhh No sir… lets say I made it 3 weeks!  haha

Got a wee bit thirsty… it was Friday after all!

Still Waiting the 3 Months so Chill Out!

However I am saving about 15 liters of it for the 3 months mark… so you will have to tune in then to see how it turns out at the 3 month mark!

I myself am very curious what it will be like then… because I am not a huge fan of home brew that is just made from a can of Goo…  you know the can we all buy to make our first batch of homebrew…

… they typically turn out ok, but I find you need to add a few things, like hops, specialty grains, etc to get a really good tasting beer.

But the dude who challenged me said that Coopers beer after 3 months is excellent… sooooo  we will see!

However… back to the home brew video at hand…

…  I waited 3 weeks to crack it open… so how the hell did it turn out and taste?

Well watch the damn video and find out for yourself homie:

Sooo there you have it home slice… not too shabby… pretty stoked to see what the 3 month mark will do!

Your Freaking Turn: Comment below and let me know what you’re experience has been with the Can of Goo beer kits?!?

AND do you have the patience to wait 3 months?

Until next time my home brewing maniacs…


Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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