Drunk Taste Test: Mr Beer Howling Red Ale

Oh ho ho ho ho…. do I have a show for you lads today!

And YUP you read that right, this home brew review is a drunk taste test… meaning we are loaded!!

This past weekend, my neighbor who after a few pints of this delicious homebrew, we decided to nick name “Mad Dog Mat”, came over and we Drunk taste test Mr Beer Oktoberfestpopped several tops on this batch of Mr Beer Howling Red Ale!

Well I can tell you at the time we thoroughly enjoyed this Mr Beer Ale that I made using the Mr Beer Kit and their Mr Beer Oktoberfest Lager pre-hopped liquid extract… plus a bunch of other goodies.

If after watching this drunken debacle you wish to brew this Mr Beer home brew, you can click on the following link to see how I Brewed this Mr Beer Howling Red Ale.  And this following link will show me bottling this mr beer kit beer.

Before you watch the video I will warn you, we are drunk, we are loud and we pretty much say anything that we like… so if you are of the sensitive type don’t watch it!!  lol

Either way I was highly highly impressed with the outcome and taste of this Mr Beer Howling red ale… or Oktoberfest lager with a twist if you like!

You can get the exact recipe from the Mr Beer site here.

Enjoy the freaking show… its a wild one!!

Until my next home brew video keep brewing!


Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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