Homebrew Experiment Bottle Conditioned Beer vs Kegged Beer

Howdy Gang…

Today we do a wee little home brewing experiment… I was inspired by the fine work at Brulosophy 🙂

Today we are comparing a bottle conditioned homebrewed beer verses a beer that has been conditioned in a keg.

From time to time when I brew up my home brewed beer I will make a few liters extra so that I can bottle a few bottles of the beer after I have filled my keg. Homebrew Experiment Bottle Conditioned Beer vs Kegged Beer

When I bottle my home brew I use the Coopers Carbonation drops to naturally condition the beer in the bottle…

Love the coopers carbonation drops by the way, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to naturally condition with sugar…

Just drop a tablet or two into the bottle (depending on bottle size), seal the bottle and off you go…

(Here is a video of me using these carbonation drops)


(You can grab some Coopers Carbonation Drops Here)

Now there is no question that kegging your home brew is a much faster, easier and convenient method of carbonating your beer…

BUT… which method produces the best home brew?

ahhh ha…. That is the question and that is the purpose of today’s Home Brew Experiment!

So to give you a quick overview…

I took the exact same beer… kegged 19 liters of it and bottled 3 liters of it.

The bottled beer I naturally carbonated in the bottle with the Coopers Sugar Drops.

The rest of the beer I carbonated in my keg… 30 psi for 24 hours then down to serving pressure of around 12 psi.

I then bottled the kegged beer…

(Here is a link to a video on how I bottle my kegged beer with a home made beer gun)

So… tune in and see what the Big Robb thinks is the best tasting home brew.

Be sure to comment below and let me know what you think tastes better.

On with the damn show…


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Cheers… Big Robb is ouuut!

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