Homebrew Review: Coopers Lager – Taste Test

Hey gang, welcome back for another fun filled homebrew review!

Well at least they are fun for me as I get to drink beer… oh ho ho ya!!Coopers lager homebrew test funny

Today’s home brew review video is of the Coopers Lager.

I made this Lager using the Coopers DIY kit.

I left it to brew and ferment in the primary fermenter from the Coopers DIY kit for 3 weeks…

… I then bottled it and put it in a room temperature dark place for 2 weeks.  When I bottled it I used the Coopers Carbonation drops as they rock and get a big 2 thumbs up for simplifying that part of the home brewing process.

After the 2 weeks in a dark spot I put the bottles of brew in my beer fridge for around a week…

And then of course I cracked one of those bad boys open (actually it was more like 6 of them)… and made this coopers lager home brew review video for ya…

Check’er out:

So there you have it…

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Big Robb Home brewing


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