How to Make Beer Easy

Are you wanting to learn “How to Make Beer” the right way and even more importantly in a way that creates great tasting beer?

Wellllll…. You have come to the right place… This site is ALL about showing you from my own personal experience how to make beer.

Making beer at home is a broad topic… there are many stages a home brewer goes through when learning how to make beer at home.

So depending on where you are at in your beer making education will determine what pages on this site you want to look at.

In this article… I will give you a quick overview of the various methods available out there to you when it comes to learning how to make beer.

Under each method discussed… I will put a link to more in-depth articles and videos where you can go to learn more about making beer in that manner.


Method #1) The Can of Goo

The first stage of learning how to make beer would be simply using what I refer to as the good ol’can of goo. How to make beer with mr beer kit

We all typically start here, we get the brilliant idea to start making beer at home and run out and buy one of those cans of goo.

This method makes just OK beer…  but it is invaluable when it comes to teaching you the how to make beer process!

The following is a link of me brewing a Can of Goo with what I refer to as a Twist:

=> Coopers European Lager with Coopers DIY Kit 


Method #2) Adding “Stuff” to the Goo

The 2nd stage most homebrewers take when learning how to make beer, is adding stuff to the can of goo.

The “Stuff” I am referring to is called Adjuncts!

My definition of Adjuncts is: “The shite you add to a can of goo to improve your brew”!

Most people start out by adding some Dextrose, Dry Malt Extract or Liquid Malt Extract.

This improves on the Can of goo only beer.  And makes OK beer.

Here is a link of me brewing a can of goo with “Stuff”:

=> How to Improve a Beer Kit


Method #3) Specialty Grains & Hops

The 3rd stage of learning how to make beer would be to start using specialty grains. How to make beer with specialty grains

This is where most homebrewers step away from the can of goo and start learning how to make beer at home without a kit.

The ingredients would call for Dry Malt extract, maybe some liquid malt extract, Specialty Grains and Hops.

Now you have reached a point where the beer you are making tastes Good!

Learn how to make beer with Specialty Grains and Hops here:

=> Brewing an APA with Specialty Grains & Hops


Method #4) All Grain Brewing Baby!!

The next step for most people is learning how to make beer from scratch. How to Make Beer

AKA All Grain brewing!

This is where you are not using anything other then Grains, and hops.

No more cans of goo or dry malt or liquid malt extract (unless you wish to).

This stage is where all homebrewers wish to get to.

All of the stages are important in your education process and they all teach you how to make beer, so have patience… learn them all… and when you get to this stage the beer will start to become Great!!

Check out my latest BIAB Brew day.

=> Brew in a Bag 


And there you have it my homebrewing friend… how to make beer & the evolution of a brewer!!

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Until next time… keep on a Home Brewing!


Big Robb out!

Big Robb Home brewing



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