Discover How to Make Great Tasting Beer From a Beer Kit

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Does the idea of learning how to make beer that tastes great get you all fired up and excited?

Well it should… there really is no better hobby then making beer and being able to share your delicious beer with your friends… how to make beer

Trust me as far as hobbies go its the best… and it sure beats stamp collecting by a long shot!

However as fun and exciting as that sounds… there is a problem!

A frustrating problem that most brewers or would be brewers experience…


Here is What Happens to Most Would Be Home Brewers

Most people get all excited about learning how to make beer…

…so they go out and buy a beer kit… fire all the ingredients in together… stir it up… add the ol’Yeast and let’er ferment…

… they then wait very impatiently for the 1 – 3 weeks it takes to ferment the beer… they are all excited and jacked up out of their heads waiting for the beer to be ready.

After fermentation is complete they then spend an hour or so bottling the beer… add some priming sugar for carbonation and then wait another 2 weeks…

The Big Day Arrives….

… after much work, patience, effort and time… finally the beer is ready to be drank… oh how exciting it is!

The proud new home brewer gets out their favorite beer mug… pops the top on the beer bottle… pours some of the great looking beer… smells it… and admires the look of it…

And THEN… the moment they have been waiting for….

…they sit down all excited to take a taste.. they put the glass up to their mouth and take a big ol’ gulp..

… and Immediately proceed to SPIT IT ALL Out… how to brew beer


..because it ends up tasting like shit!

Have you been there?

I sure have!


Some People Never Brew Again

And this is the exact point where most people quit learning how to make beer!

Now some will go back to the drawing board and end up doing the exact same thing all over again and have the same result…

Beer that tastes terrible or simply not that good!

Can you relate?

Have you brewed some beer only to have it come out tasting no where near as good as you had hoped that it will?

Have you wondered what it was you did wrong?

Why did your beer end up sucking?

Or maybe you are just getting started brewing…

and have never brewed a beer before…

If so You are the lucky one because after you read this report you will be WELL ahead of most people who try to make beer.


The Above Story is All To Common

Pretty much every single homebrewer that I know has had this bad beer brewing experience happen to them.

It Happened to Me!

When I first started learning how to make beer this is EXACTLY what happened to me.

My first try at learning how to make beer at home I was pissed off with the results… no way I would serve it to my friends…

…and I ended up quitting for about 8 years.

But eventually I did give it another try…

I told myself that the home brew kits MUST have improved over the last 8 years since my last try at making beer and it would be worth another shot!


Wrong… The Kits Did Not Improve

I went through the same process again and the home brew came out tasting terrible again!

But instead of quitting… this time I got pissed off!

I was mad…

How in the world can some people brew beer at home that tasted great… while mine was sucking so bad!

So I started researching how to make beer that taste good!

And do you know what?

I found out that there is all kinds of good information out there on how to make really good beer from home.

But and this is a BIG but… it took me a damn LONG time to sort through it all…

And it took me a heck of a lot of trial and error to finally be able to make good beer. actually too just about two years of research and homebrewing different beers to FINALLY get to the point where I was able to brew beer that I would call Good Home Brewed Beer!


Now do not get me wrong…

In reality it is not THAT hard to learn how to make beer at home that actually tastes good…

So in essence there are two options for you to learn:

Option #1: you can either do it by trial and error and searching on the internet looking at different posts and videos trying to figure it out on your own…

Or short cut to how to brew beer at home

Option #2: You can take the Short Cut and learn from me…


Making Beer That Tastes Great is Doable for You & Easy

When it comes to learn how to make beer there are a few crucial things that you need to know…

The following 3 items are key to your success:


1) Temperature control is crucial!

This includes pitching the yeast into your wort at the right temperature.

The higher the temperature you pitch the yeast at the more off flavors you will get.

I pitch as close to 65 F as possible.

As well as fermenting the wort at the right temperature!

Same thing applies the higher temperature you pitch the yeast the more off flavors you will get.

I like to keep the space I am fermenting in, not over 62 F.

If you get this wrong you can forget about making good tasting beer.


2) Sanitation is also crucial!

Sanitizing everything plays a massive role in making good beers that do not have off flavors.

I have turned into a Sanitizing freak!  It pays!

You must sanitize everything that will come in contact with your homebrew!

I LOVE Star San… get some and always have it on hand.  Click here if you need some (opens a new window)


3) The Addition of the right Adjuncts makes ALL the difference in the World!

I explain adjuncts as being the stuff you add to your brew to make it taste better then a can of goo!

A can of goo is your standard Mr Beer kit… or Coopers kit, etc..

Most people just end up using the can of goo or maybe they add an enhancer or something to it.

To make very good beer you need to add more “adjuncts”…

Such as:

  • Specialty grains
  • Dry Malt Extract (DME)
  • Liquid Malt Extract (LME)
  • and of course hops

There is obviously much more that goes into learn how to make beer that tastes great, but these 3 areas are a great start!


Greatest Hobby on Earth

Once you get it right… Brewing beer will be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in your life. how to make beer at home

I love brewing great tasting beer and I love sharing my top notch beer with friends and family!

And you will too.


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