How to Improve a Beer Kit & Make Great Tasting Beer!

Alright alright alright alriiiigggghhhttt Make Beer Time!!

Today I am going to show you how to make beer from a can of goo and make it taste GREAT!

This has been my goal for the last year… to be able to use a can of goo and make a great tasting beer without a ton of work. make beer at home

This video is the realization of that goal… the beer I make in this video turned out great!

You will have to hit me up on Youtube to see the taste test of this beer.

When making this beer I used a can of goo from Canada Brew Beer kits.

Canada Brew is very much like Coopers beer kits, or Mr Beer, or Muntons.

It is a can of goo that comes pre-hopped!

But as you will see I add what they call adjuncts to this beer kit.

What are adjuncts you ask? I call them “The shit you add to your brew to improve the can of goo”!

Things like Dry Malt extract, Liquid Malt Extract and Hops!

Alright enough rambling… tune in and see how I make this beer!

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Big Robb

Big Robb Home brewing



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