Improve Your Home Brewing Kit

Are you disappointed in the quality of your beer made from the Home Brewing Kit you picked up?

Plain and simply does the beer taste terrible?

If so relax we have ALL been there…

…Pretty much every home brewer starts out the same way with a Home Brewing Kit and the beer was terrible! Home Brewing Kit

We have all taken the following home brewing journey!

It does not matter which kit you picked up…

There are numerous types of Home Brewing Kits out there, but we all typically start out with the good ol’Can of goo…

Whether it is a Mr Beer kit, Coopers Beer Kit, Brew Canada, Muntons, etc…

We pick up this home brewing kit along with a beer brewing starter kit (fermenter, bottles, tubes, etc)…

…we slam the Can of Goo into the fermenter add some water, slap in the yeast and we are off to the races!

We wait about 2 weeks…

….slam the uncarbonated beer into some bottles with some priming sugar… MAYBE wait 1 week… crack one open…

and then immediately either:

1) Spit it out!

2) Or out of pride pretend it tastes great and slowly sip it down!


Quitters Never Win

Now most people quit here… they figure they are simply not cut out for making beer and give it up…

Now others stick it out and try and figure out how to improve on their home brewing kit in order to make at least drinkable beer.

Some will blame it on the kit itself and start goggling the hell out of the internet with searches like “best home brewing kit”, “how to improve a beer kit”, “best beer bewing kit”, etc…

These are the people who like me finally figure out how to make good beer at home.


You Gotta Learn Grasshoppa

All in my opinion a can of goo is good for is to teach you the very basics of making beer…

Taste wise you need to add to the ol’can of goo.

You do this by adding things to your beer called adjuncts!

What are adjuncts you might ask?

My definition is… “The Shite you add to your brew to improve on a can of goo”!  home brewing kit adjuncts

Things such as:

Dry Malt Extract

Liquid Malt Extract


Specialty Grains.


The Key to Success is Baby Steps

Take it one step at a time…

Meaning find a recipe that tells you to take a can of goo and add some Dry Malt Extract… experience the difference this makes to your beer over just using the Can of Goo home brewing kit.

Next get a recipe that adds Dry Malt Extract and Hops (by dry Hopping)… again notice the improvement.

Next take it up a significant level by finding a recipe that uses Specialty Grains with Dry Malt Extract (or liquid) and then has you boil your wort and now gets you to add some hops to the mix!

Now your home brewing kit is making very good beer!


Now onto the Big Time

After you do all of this a few times… it is time to move onto All Grain Brewing!

This is when you make outstanding beers.

With All Grain I recommend starting out with an All Grain Home Brewing kit… Yup they make them to.

It gets you use to all grain brewing and these kits provide you with all the ingredients you require!

That’s it gang… easy easy ways to start improving on your home brewing kit and get ya making some great beer!


Here are a few videos where I do all of these difference types of brewing:

==> Brewing a Mr Beer Kit with Adjuncts

==> BIAB (Brew in a Bag) All Grain Brewing


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Until next time… keep on a Brewing!


Big Robb out!

Big Robb Home brewing



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