Kegging Coopers Lager with Priming Sugar (no Co2)

Whazzzzz uppp my fellow home brewing freak-os?!?

Today I am kegging the Coopers Lager I brewed back a couple of weeks ago… here is the link:

==> Brewing a Coopers Lager Beer Kit

You will recall I used Muntons Brew enhancer with the Coopers Beer kit… hopefully this will add a little flava flava baby! ¬†Kegging home brew priming sugar

Ok back to today’s show…

I am kegging this homebrew, BUT I am not carbonating it with CO2, but with Priming sugar… just like what you would use to bottle your beer!

But as you will see there are a few things you need to do if you want to use Priming sugar verses CO2…

Why would I want to keg this coopers brew with priming sugar and not CO2…

Couple of reasons:

  1. It allows the beer to age and condition another 3 weeks while carbonating… and I find these beer kit beers very much need that extra time.
  2. It saves gas
  3. It saves space in my fridge, because carbonating a beer with priming sugar does nto require that you put the keg in the fridge, where as CO2, requires colder temperatures…

Anyhow I go over most of this shite and more in the video… check’er out AND comment below if ya got any damn value at all!!


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