Kegging an Improved Canada Brew Red Ale Beer with C02

Whazzzzzz Upppp!!  Time to keg up some Canada Brew Read Ale beer… oh yaaa!

in today’s video I am kegging a Canada Brew Red Ale… Kegging a improved Canada Brew Red Ale with C02

… A Canada Brew Red Ale is a Beer kit, can of goo very much like A Coopers Beer Kit or A Muntons Beer Kit.

I brewed this home brew … using the can of goo that came with the Canada Brew Kit…

…but I improved it by adding some Golden Dry Malt Extract (DME), some Dextrose and dry hopped it with Norther Brewer hops..

If you want to see me brewing this Canada Brew Red Ale << click that link back there

As you will see I kegged this home brewed beer using C02.. aka Forced Carbonated the beer.

It turned out great and if you want to check out the taste test of this Canada brew beer kit << again  click that link back there!

Now on with the show!!

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Big Robb Home brewing



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