Kegging a Improved Coopers Real Ale with Priming Sugar

Heeeeyyyyy hows she going my brewing friend-ski?

Today’s home brew video is where I keg my Coopers Real Ale Beer kit that I added quite a few adjunts AKA Add Junks to it!

Maybe too many in fact!!

I have not had a taste test of this Coopers Real Ale as of yet… but it looks very thick and cloudy… soooo wait for the taste test before you try to brew it. Kegging a Improved Coopers Real Ale with Priming Sugar

I took a can of Coopers real ale beer kit… the can of goo… and added dry Malt extract, Liquid malt extract and willamette hops… and used some dry ale yeast.

Its is fun to experiment, but you need to take notes or keep a record of your beer making adventures, because if it turns out tasting like shit, which this one might… (not sure yet)… then you don’t wanna make it again.

PLUS I did f&%k up… by letting the wort pour out from the primary fermenter into the keg without using a hose… bad bad bad… too much oxyegen cold have gotten into the wort… I did blast it out with C02 after… here is a link to a video showing what I did wrong kegging this coopers beer.

How NOT to Keg Home Brew

Live and learn baby live and learn!!

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Big Robb out…

Big Robb Home brewing



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