Products Big Robb Recommends

Yo yo yo and a bottle of home brew…

Alright… welcome to my page of products I recommend you pick up to enhance your brewing experience and make great freaking beer.

ALL the products I recommend I peronally use!!

Below you will find recommendations on the best:

  • Complete Beer Kits with Equipment
  • Sanitizer

Beer Kits with Equipment Big Robb Recommends:

There are two kits I recommend that you choose from, both have everything you require to get started making beer.  The first one is if you want to start small, the 2nd one is if you want to go big.

I use both…  and if you are only going to get one of them go with Kit #2, best bang for your buck and an AWESOME kit!


Kit #1: This would be if you want to start out small and get a handle on making beer. It is called the Mr Beer Kit. Mr beer kit

I have one of these kits and it is cool… however it does not make enough beer to suit me. So the 2nd kit is the one I recommend…

However The Mr Beer kit is a good kit… you can check it out here:

Click here for USA & the Rest of the world Link to Mr Beer

Click here for the Canadian Link to Mr Beer


Kit #2: If you are going to go you might as well go BIG!!

Actually this kit is the normal size kit that 81% of home brewers start out with. Coopers diy beer kit

Where did I get the 81% from you might ask? I made it up! hahaha… but I am sure at least 81% start with this size kit, in fact I do not know anyone besides myself (personally) who has tried the smaller kits.

The kit I recommend is the Coopers DIY kit… it has everything.. (except sanitizer) that you require to brew some rally great beer.

In fact the coopers fermenter (the container you brew beer in) is the best I have seen out there for home brewers, as you will see in the video, it has some really great components that other fermenters are lacking!

SO… if you want to be the best… you need the best equipment… here is a link to the Coopers DIY kit.. hurry up and order it so we can get you brewing brewski’s!

Click Here for the USA & the rest of the wold Link to Coopers DIY Kit

Click Here for the Canadian link to Coopers DIY Kit


Sanitizer Big Robb Recommends

Sanitizer is a MUST… Star San is the best! star-san-sanitizer-home-brew

And what is really cool is that it is no rinse, meaning exactly as it sounds, no need to rinse it as it is food grade!

Click Here for the USA & and rest of world Link for Star San

Click Here for the Canadian Link to Star San