How to Keg Your Homebrew Beer

Alright…. heading to the big times with this homebrew video… if you are tired of bottling your home brew beer and want to learn how to start kegging it instead… today’s video is for you. In this video I walk you through exactly How keg home brew. In fact this is the first time I have […]

Sanitize & Clean Home Brew Beer Bottles

Ok dokie… Today is an older homebrew video I did some time back… it got a shit ton of views… and it is interesting it got more likes then dislikes but a hell of a lot more dislikes then any video I have ever done! I get why…  this video is all about how to […]

Bottling Homebrew Beer – Brew Canada Light Beer

Whazzzz  upppp!?! Alright… today’s Home brew video is of me a few years back bottling a Brew Canada Light Beer!  Its the first time I ever brewed a Brew Canada beer, I have found they are very similar in quality to the Coopers beer kits and the Mr Beer homebrew kits. I am not sure […]

Bottling Homebrew: Mr Beer Aztec Cerveza

Here we go again… alright alright alright ALRIGHT! Today’s homebrew video is actually of me bottling a Mr Beer home brew…  It is a Mr Beer Aztec Cerveza. It turned out to be a decent tasting Cerveza, not quite up to Corona standards but not far off and crazy easy to make using the Mr […]

Homebrew Review: Mr Beer Pilsner – Taste Test

Hey welcome to this Homebrew Review! Today I am going to take a taste test of my Mr Beer Pilsner! This is the first Mr. beer I have ever made and I believe it was just before Coopers Beer Kits purchased Mr Beer.  Mr Beer describes this pilsner home brew in the following way: ” […]