Taste Test Coopers Real Ale

oh yeeaaahhhhh…. my favorite part of home brewing beer… the good ol’ taste test baby!

This is a Coopers Red Ale that I added a few Adjuncts (things you add to beer), such as DME (dry Malt extract), LME (liquid malt extra) and some willamette hops, as well as some specialty grains.  Coopers real ale beer kit

Here is the link where I brewed this improved coopers real ale:

If you are looking to learn how to improve a coopers beer kit and make great tasting beer this will be a good video for you.

I actually really like the Coopers beer kits and with a few additions like I did with this Coopers Real ale home brew you can make a good beer from their beer kits.

Trust you enjoy the taste test of this beer as much as I did!

Until next time… get yer brew aawwwwnnnn!!

Cheers… Big Robb is out!

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