Warning! NOT How to Keg Home Brew Beer

Ohhhh yaaaaa… whats happening my home brewing maniac?!? Are you looking to learn how to keg home brew?

Well are you in for a dozy of a teat today… Today’s post is all about what NOT to do when learning how to keg home brewHow to Keg Home Brew Beer

We all learn lessons and some times by our mistakes… well recently I kegged a coopers real ale beer kit and I made a very bad mistake when doing so.

In this home brew video I explain exactly what I did wrong when I was kegging this coopers beer kit…

So if you are learning how to keg home brew… Learn from my mistake my friend!!

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Ok on with the show and enjoy my screw up!!

Now if you would like to see the correct way  to learn how to keg home brew click that link!


Big Robb out…

Big Robb Home brewing



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