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Cheers and welcome to my site Make Beer Easy. I’m pumped you made it here.

As you will quickly learn throughout the brewing world I am known as Big Robb… I also tend to refer to myself in the 3rd party which is I’ll admit is a bit strange, but you’ll get use to it.

Big Robb’s Brewing Story

My guess would be that since you have somehow found this website, you are either looking to start making beer or you are presently making beer and want to up your game a bit; or you’re a brewer who just likes to see what other brewers are up to…

… so who the heck am I, why should you pay any attention to me and why did I feel like I should/could create a website about making beer?

Well first and foremost I am a Canadian and I freaking love beer! Beer is good! And I truly believe that beer proves that God loves us! 🙂

I actually started brewing beer just about 16 years ago… I got into brewing beer for 3 reasons:

1) I love beer (already established)

2) I enjoy making things (beer, websites, etc)

3) The cost to buy beer where I live in Canada is absolutely highway robbery… $24 for 12 bottles of beer in the store… in a pub it is even crazier… so since I have such a love for beer, I figured I better figure out a way to brew it myself or I would go broke buying beer! 🙂

I started like most people do when they start brewing beer… I purchased the beer kits and gave them a whirl… to make a long story short I was extremely disappointed in the results from the kits when I started… they tasted like hell to be honest!

… it did take me many years to get to the point where I could make a beer kit taste enjoyable… (plus Beer kits have improved dramatically in recent years.)

I then transitioned into partial mash brewing; for those who do not know what partial mash brewing is, it’s where you use some grains and some malt extract (the stuff that comes in the kits aka the can of goo!) to make beer.

I then eventually started adding my own hops to my home brew… and over time transitioned into All Grain Beer Making where you use all the natural beer ingredients such as the grains and hops without the aid of pre manufactured ingredients such as the can of goo.

I have brewed beer with many of the beer brewing systems out there, 2 vessels, 3 vessels, and single vessel systems with a brew bag and with a brew basket.

When it comes to brewing beer at home I do continue to love the single vessel systems out there… simply for their ease of use and the CLEAN UP afterwards! Plus in my humble opinion the single vessel brewing systems make just as good of beer as the other systems if you know what you are doing.

After brewing at home for many years… I started blogging about my brewing experiences and doing videos on it. You can check out some of my videos on my YouTube channel Make Beer Easy

I’ll warn you in advance… for the first year of making videos of my brew days… well lets just say by the end of the video I was pretty damn intoxicated… so be warned they are quite interesting to say the least! 🙂

Obviously I still blog and do videos on beer making… but in late 2017 I thought I would really step things up when it comes to brewing beer and open my own Brew Pub (micro brewery)… so with a business partner I did just that… and that has been quite an adventure to say the least…

You can check the Brew Pub out here if you like: BootStrapBrewPub.com

Now a days most of my videos and tutorials where you see me actually brewing are done in my brew pub’s brewery.

We presently brew beer on a two vessel system. we have 2 of them and they are each only 1 bbl … so quite small when it comes to a typical brewery, but they work well for what we need…

… And since they are still relatively small they also work great when it comes to me helping you with your home brewing, as the process is identical as what you would do at home.


So Why Did I Build This Site?

I put this site together because as I said I LOVE Beer!

I love making Beer

I love drinking Beer

and I love helping people make and drink their own Beer!

Really its as simple as that…

… I wish back when I stared 16 years ago that there was a site like this where I would have been able to find everything I needed to start making good tasting beer from the start.

So that is my goal… to give you everything you need and to be here to help you make great tasting beer yourself!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Big Robb is Out!

Cheers & Get Y’er Brew Awwnnn

Ohhh yeaaahhh!

Big Robb with a pint of home brewed beer



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8 thoughts on “About Big Robb”

  1. Hey Robb,

    keep up the good work!!! Will you make your old recipes back online ? Can’t wait for your next video.


    • Hi Martin, thanks brother! Yes sir they are ALL coming back and I have a brew day coming up on monday and plannining on recording the bad boy so hang tight! lol Cheers!

  2. Hi Robb,
    I’m trying to connect about a domain that I believe is a perfect fit for your organization.

    I’m representing the sale of Make.beer.
    Let’s talk!


    • Hi Josephine, you can reach me at Corbett.ra @ gmail.com (remove spaces)


  3. Hi Robb,

    Little late to the party, but came across your channel via YouTube. Great content and vast knowledge on all things beer. I’m just starting out only on batch number 3 and can5 wait to get to the point to try your recipes and start to go all grain. Thanks again great site hope you continue to grow the site and all the best.

    • Thanks Trevor, welcome to the party! Keep us posted on how things go. Cheers!

  4. Brewing my first batch this weekend. Is spring water the best water to use? Thanks Dwayne.

    • Right on Dwayne, congrats on your first batch! You can’t go wrong with spring water. I have good well water so it works well for me, but if my water was not great or was one city water with chlorine I would definitely use spring water as my first choice. Keep us posted how you make out. Cheers!


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