Get ready to discover the secrets to making great beer at home with minimal cost, time and effort… 

Discover the “New Way” of Making Delicious Craft Beer at Home
at a Fraction of the Cost, Time & Energy of Traditional Brewing Systems

Attention: Fellow Home Brewer,

Are you tired of kit beer and desperately want to start making delicious all grain craft beer but don’t know where to start… don’t have tons of money laying around to invest in loads of expensive equipment….  and are you scared that all grain brewing is too complicated and difficult?

Or maybe you are already an all grain brewer who is tired of the long brew days, tired of all of the clean up, sick of getting stuck sparges and are ready for a simpler way to make great tasting beer.

If either of these situations sounds like you read on… 

…. in the next few minutes I am going to share with you the simplest, fastest and least expensive way to make your very own All Grain Delicious craft beer for a fraction of the work, time, effort and cost compared to ALL of the other methods of making beer on the market today.

The brewing method I am referring to is called Brew in a Bag or BIAB for short….

There is no question it is a far superior method of brewing…

And in this article I am going to prove it to you!

In fact I will give you 5 very BIG reasons why BIAB is the route you should go if you want to make great tasting beer in less time and at a fraction of the cost!

Alright let’s get at it…

Reason #1 BIAB is for You: Major Cost Savings!

Brew in a Bag is an ingenious brewing method developed by the Australians that removes ALL of the difficult and costly equipment of traditional “old school” brewing while still producing as good as or better beer.

Where traditional brewing requires:

  • a hot liquor tank (HLT), 
  • a mash tun (MT), 
  • a boil kettle (BK), 
  • and two burners (1 for the HLT and 1 for the BK)….  

The BIAB method involves 1 kettle and a BAG… that’s it!

Take a look at the following chart and see the money you will save by becoming a BIAB Brewer….

The following shows you the typical price differences between the equipment required for 5 gallon BIAB brewing and a traditional old school set up… (the more volume of beer you want to make the greater the cost savings with a BIAB system)

All Grain BIAB All Grain 3 Vessel System
7.5 Gallon Kettle $70 Ported 7.5 gallon kettle to serve as an HLT $200
50,000 BTU Burner $55 Mash Tun with a BIAB bag or false bottom $140
Large BIAB Bag $9 7.5 Gallon Boil Kettle 70$
Large Spoon (For stirring mash) $8 2X 50,000 BTU Burner(one for HLT, one for Kettle) $110
Large Spoon (For stirring mash) $8
3 Tier Brew Stand (price will vary widely)
Total: $142 Total: $528 + Cost of Brew Stand

That is a savings of At Least $386.00 and that is not even taking into consideration your brew stand that the old school systems require.

Plus keep in mind this is just on a 7 gallon system…  the bigger you want to go the more money you will save by investing in a BIAB system.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see how the reduction in the amount of equipment alone makes BIAB superior just by the cost savings alone!

Reason #2 BIAB is for You: Time Savings

Another HUGE benefit of the BIAB method of making beer is your time savings on brew day.

A typical brew day using the old school traditional brewing methods is easily 5 – 6 hours from start to finish…

… where as a typical BIAB brew day is about 3.5 hours from start to finish including clean up!

This is a major reason I chose to become a BIAB Brewer and the major reason that new and old brewers around the world are starting to realize just how simple and advantageous brewing in a bag is.  

In fact I saw a post online today where a guy using the BIAB method brewed alongside a friend of his who used a traditional  “old school” brewing method…

Here is what he said:  “Oh, and I finished chilling mine (beer), racked over a different beer to use the yeast cake, ran uptown to get hot dog buns, and grilled brats and chicken breasts while he was finishing brewing!”

So this guy…  brews as good or better of a beer as his buddy… has time to go shopping and cook dinner for his kids all while his buddy still had not finished brewing his beer!

Reason #3 BIAB is for You: Less Complicated Procedures

The all-grain brewing process is significantly simplified when doing BIAB.

With traditional old school brewing systems… the sheer fact that you have more equipment that you need to learn to use and operate makes it a more complicated brewing method.

Having 3 kettles to transfer the wort between makes it a more difficult brewing method.

With BIAB brewing old school brewing steps like the vorlauf, lautering and sparging are basically skipped, though the same results are achieved as if mashing and lautering in a tun.

With no-sparge BIAB, you simply mash in enough water to leave you with your desired pre-boil gravity, remove the grains and let them drip dry, and carry on with the boil as usual.

Quick and Easy!

Reason #4 BIAB is for You: Space Savings

I don’t know about you, but in my home I simply would not have the space for a full fledged 3 vessel brew house. 

Who has room for ALL of that equipment.

All-grain brewing with traditional old school equipment can make for a cramped brew day, especially if you are strictly an indoor brewer. 

When doing no-sparge BIAB, all you have is one pot….

That’s it—no mash tun or pots in addition to the boil kettle. Heck, you could probably get two mashes (brews) going with all of that extra space!  Make two beers in the time it takes to make one with the other systems!

And when your brew day is over, simply, throw the cleaned and dried grain bag into your boil kettle and stick it in storage. 

This takes up considerably less space than a mash tun and multiple pots. 

Reason #5 BIAB is for You: Quick and Easy Cleanup

Let’s face it, nobody likes cleaning up!  

Cleaning up is by far the least enjoyable component of making beer.

And unfortunately we as homebrewers must spend a significant amount of time cleaning and sanitizing (and cleaning some more).

When brewing all-grain with BIAB, less equipment means a LOT less things to clean at the end of the brew day.

There is a lot more gear to clean in traditional brewing methods… a lot more… 

With BIAB brewing… all you do is pull the bag of grains out of your kettle… and dump them on your compost pile, garbage, or garden and then simply give the bag a rinse.

… then clean your boil kettle and you’re done!

The Advantages of BIAB Brewing are Clear….

I am sure by now you would agree that BIAB is the clear choice for your all grain brewing adventures!


You Have Nothing to Lose…

What I mean is… the great thing about seeing if BIAB is for you is that you only need to get the 1 kettle and a bag…

… if for some reason down the road you think that you want to try brewing in a 2 or 3 vessel brewing set up…  well you already have 1 kettle!

You need the kettle regardless!

So again it is a no brainer…  and trust me once you go BIAB you will never go back!

It sure was the obvious choice for me when I started BIAB brewing…

You Have It Easy Compared to How I Had It…

The difference for you and I is…

… when I decided to get into BIAB brewing I did not have a resource like you now have in front of you…

… i did not have a resource and a fellow brewer to show me the exact steps, equipment required and procedures to implement to get started.

Instead I spent hours and hours researching how to do BIAB the right way…

I can’t tell you how many forums I read and videos I watched attempting to find the right equipment to use…

I ruined more than a few batches of beer experimenting and trying to get the formula just right to make great tasting beer…

I would have paid pretty good money to be able to have everything I had to discover on my own handed right to me in one simple BIAB Brewing Course…

Why I Created This Easy to Follow BIAB Course…

And that is exactly why I created my “How to Brew BIAB Style” course!

In this course I show you all of the steps to take to be able to be up and running brewing great tasting beer in no time flat…

I share with you the exact equipment you require… and how to set it up and use it.

… I show you the exact equipment you need and how to use it in order to make a delicious beer from day 1.

So now you are asking Robb what are you charging for this course?

Well great question…

With the amount of time and effort and lost ingredients you would lose trying to figure this method out on your own…  you would easily spend $100 – $200 on your own… 

I know I sure did!

But have no fear….  

Getting your hands on this time and costing saving information is not going to cost you anything near that.

In fact You can get all of this information:

… and be up and running making great beer the BIAB way in no time flat… all for only $27.95!! 

Yup that’s it…  grab this course for only $27.95 and be up and running making your own delicious beer today!

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Now since I am such a nice guy and really want to see you brewing some great beer right away… I have decided to throw in some pretty sweet bonuses for you

Bonus Offer #1: Big Robb’s Top 5 BIAB Beer Recipes

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I am not just going to show you how to do BIAB… I am going to give you direct access to my top 5 favorite recipes!

These are beers that I have made numerous times… I have tweaked them over time and perfected them and they are delicious and I can assure you that when you share your beers with your friends they going to not only love them but they will be blown away when you tell them that you brewed them.

In fact these are some of the same beers I brewed at my Brew Pub that became some of our top sellers and they are yours Free with this course.

Bonus Offer #2: BIAB Instructional Video

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On top of the step by step How 2 BIAB course I have going to include a video tutorial where I walk you through a full BIAB brew day.

You get to watch over my shoulder as I brew up a full batch of home brew using my traditional Brew in a Bag system. See every step involved in the process live.

This bonus is like  having me with you for your first brew day and will answer any questions you might have about how to brew a full batch.

Bonus Offer #3: How to Cool Your Wort with a No Chill Cube Video

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This bonus goes hand and hand with BIAB. The Aussie’s invented this ingenious method of cooling your wort.

It is simple and works incredibly well and the best part is it cost a fraction of  the price of the other cooling methods.

As well as using no water whatsoever in the cooling process.

I use this method most of the time I brew.  This video will walk you through the complete process and show you how you can start using this method today.

To Recap

So to recap you get:

  • The How 2 BIAB Step by Step All Grain Brewing Instructional Course
  • Big Robb’s Top 5 BIAB recipes
  • The BIAB Instructional Video
  • The How to Cool Your Worth with a No Chill Cube Video

All for the low price of only $27.95!!

So if you are ready to start brewing your very own delicious all grain beer for a fraction of the cost, time and effort it typically takes… don’t delay and order your course today and Free bonuses today!

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Cheers & Brew Awwnn!

Big Robb