Whirlpooling Beer: Techniques and Benefits Explained

Whirlpooling beer is a technique primarily utilized by commercial breweries but has also gained popularity among home brewers. The purpose of this process is to separate hop particles and trub, which is the gunk that forms in the wort during boiling, from the wort before it is transferred to the fermenter for fermentation. This separation … Read more

Refractometer vs Hydrometer: Which Should You Use?

A refractometer next to a hydrometer in front of pints of beer next to the words refractometer vs hydrometer.

When it comes to brewing beer, one of the main ways brewers ensure they are being consistent and improving the quality of their beer is by measuring its specific gravity. Always looking to improve upon your brewing skills can make the difference between an okay beer and a great one. In this article, we are … Read more

What is a Mash Out and How to Do It?

a guy perfroming a mash out.

When it comes to performing a mash out some brewers consider it to be an important part of the beer-making process while others don’t believe it has any effect on the final product and skip it entirely. Mashing involves soaking crushed grains in warm water for 60 – 90 minutes, also known as steeping. The … Read more