Comparison of Lager vs IPA

lager vs ipa on a bar table.

Lager vs IPA: Considered to be two of the best-selling beer styles worldwide, it is surprising how significantly different they actually are from each other. IPAs are known for being hoppy, bitter, and flavorful while Lagers are smooth, crisp, and refreshing. Due to being an easy-drinking beer Lagers are the most popular and best-selling commercial … Read more

What is Ice Beer?

ice beer on a block of ice next to the words what is ice beer.

Ice beer is a style of beer that undergoes a process referred to as fractional freezing; where the beer’s temperature is lowered to just under freezing, typically around 27℉ (-2℃). Since water has a much higher freezing point than alcohol (ethanol) only the water freezes at this temperature forming ice crystals. These ice crystals are … Read more