Lychee Wine: Exploring its Unique Flavor and Production Process

Lychee wine, a full-bodied Chinese dessert wine, is made from 100% lychee fruit, resulting in a rich, sweet taste with a beautiful golden color. Often served ice cold, it can be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks, making it a refreshing option for those warm summer months or a delightful end to an exquisite meal.

As you explore the world of lychee wine, you’ll discover its unique flavor profile and versatility, finding its way into various cocktail recipes as well. For example, you can mix lychee liqueur with ginger syrup, lemon, and dry sparkling wine for a delicious and refreshing lychee cocktail.

This exotic fruit wine may even inspire you to try your hand at making your own homemade lychee wine, allowing you to appreciate the intricate process of wine-making while reaping the rewards of your efforts.

By incorporating lychee wine into your beverage repertoire, you’ll experience a delightful taste adventure with an exotic twist, making it an excellent addition to your collection, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of fruit wines.

Lychee Wine Basics

Lychee Fruit Characteristics

Lychee is a small, round fruit with a thin, red skin and white flesh, native to China. It has been cultivated there for centuries and is popular in Asia, often used in desserts and sweet dishes.

You can use fresh lychees when making lychee wine, but canned lychees are often more accessible and easier to work with for large quantities.

Alcohol Content

When making your own lychee wine, the alcohol content will vary depending on factors like fermentation time and yeast strain. Generally, fruit wines have an alcohol content ranging from 10% to 15%. To achieve the desired level of sweetness and alcohol content, closely follow the recipe and wine-making process.

Remember that lychee wine is meant to be a sweet and enjoyable addition to a meal, so focus on balancing the taste and flavor profile rather than its potency.

Making Lychee Wine

Ingredient Selection

When making lychee wine, selecting the highest quality ingredients is essential. Start by choosing fresh and ripe lychee fruits. You can also use canned lychees, but the flavor might vary slightly.

Besides lychees, gather the following ingredients:

– Sugar or honey to add sweetness
– Acid blend to balance the flavor
– Tannin for mouthfeel and structure
– Yeast for fermentation
– Yeast nutrient or yeast nutrient substitute to support the yeast’s growth

Fermentation Process

Here’s how to kick off the fermentation process for your lychee wine:

1) Wash and de-seed the lychees, then crush them to release the juice.

2) Transfer the crushed lychees to a fermenting container.

3) Add sugar or honey, acid blend, tannin, and yeast nutrient to the fermenting container. Mix the contents thoroughly.

4) Dissolve the yeast in a small amount of warm water and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then, add the yeast to the fermenting container.

5) Attach an airlock to the fermenting container to allow gases to escape while keeping contaminants out.

6) Allow the mixture to ferment for about two weeks, ensuring the temperature stays consistent—optimal fermentation temperature ranges between 65°F and 75°F.

Aging and Bottling

After fermentation, follow these steps for aging and bottling:

1) Carefully rack the wine into a new container, leaving behind the sediment.

2) Stabilize the wine by adding potassium sorbate and potassium metabisulfite to prevent further fermentation and spoilage.

3) If desired, back sweeten the wine to your preferred taste.

4) Age the wine for six months to a year in a cool, dark place.

5) Before bottling, filter the wine to remove any lingering sediment.

6) Sanitize your bottles, then transfer the aged wine into them. Cork the bottles securely.

Your lychee wine is now ready to enjoy! Store the bottled wine in a cool, dark place and serve it chilled for the best experience.

Lychee Wine Serving Recommendations

Serving Temperature

For the best tasting experience, serve lychee wine ice cold. This enhances the natural sweetness of the lychee fruit and gives the wine a refreshing quality. You can either serve it straight from the refrigerator, or for added chilled perfection, you can pour it over ice cubes or use an ice bucket.

Food Pairings

Lychee wine pairs well with many dishes, particularly Asian cuisine. The fruity sweetness of the wine complements the flavors of various Asian dishes, such as:

– Light seafood dishes: like steamed fish, sushi, and sashimi.

– Fresh vegetables dishes: featuring crisp ingredients and bright herbs.

– Spicy and robust flavors: such as Thai or Szechuan dishes.

Don’t forget to experiment with other food pairings to discover your personal favorites!

Occasions and Celebrations

Lychee wine is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed at various events and gatherings.

Here are some suggestions:

– Themed dinner parties: Serve lychee wine at Asian-themed dinner parties to impress your guests and elevate your meal.

– Outdoor gatherings: Its refreshing taste makes it the perfect choice for summer picnics or barbecues.


Here are some recommendations for lychee wine producers and ordering options:

– Morad Winery: Based in the Galilee region, this winery offers a delicious lychee wine that you can enjoy for various occasions.

– Order online: Many online wine retailers offer lychee wine, making it easy to find and order the perfect bottle for your next occasion.

Lychee Wine in Cocktails

Cocktail Mixers

Lychee wine adds a unique and refreshing flavor to cocktails. When choosing cocktail mixers, consider flavors that complement lychee wine’s sweet and floral notes.

Some popular mixers to pair with lychee wine are:

– Gin: A crisp and herbal spirit, gin pairs well with the fruity notes from lychee wine.

– Vodka: With its neutral flavor, vodka allows the lychee wine to shine in a cocktail.

– White wine: A dry white wine can add a light and crisp element to a lychee wine cocktail.

– Lychee liqueur (such as Soho Lychee): Enhance the lychee flavor by adding a lychee liqueur to a cocktail.

Popular Lychee Cocktails

Experiment with these popular lychee cocktails featuring lychee wine:

– Lychee Martini: Mix lychee wine, vodka, and a dash of vermouth for a modern twist on the classic martini.

– Lychee Gin Fizz: Combine lychee wine, gin, and soda water for a refreshing, fizzy drink.

– Lychee Sangria: Create a fruity sangria using lychee wine, a dry white wine, and an assortment of fresh fruits.

Creating Your Own Lychee Cocktail Recipes

When crafting your own lychee wine cocktails, consider the following tips:

– Balance the sweetness: Since lychee wine is naturally sweet, balance it with some acidity like lemon or lime juice, or use a dry mixer like tonic water.

– Play with fruit flavors: Complement the lychee wine’s flavor by using other fruit juices or liqueurs, such as peach, passion fruit, or raspberry.

– Experiment with herbs: Enhance the floral notes of lychee wine with fresh herbs, like mint or basil.

Remember, the key to creating delicious lychee wine cocktails is to have fun and be creative with your ingredient choices. Enjoy mixing and sipping on your unique creations.

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