Which Country is Famous for the Beer Corona?

Which country is famous for the beer corona? The answer is Mexico.

Corona is the top-selling and most famous Mexican beer worldwide. It is also the top imported beer in many countries such as the USA and Canada. Style-wise it is a pilsner that has an ABV or alcohol by volume of 4.6%. It distinguishes itself from other pilsners by presenting as more of a tropical beer, served in clear bottles and typically served with a slice of lime or even lemon.

The bottle is unique in that, unlike most bottles the label is not made of paper and glued to the bottle but rather printed directly on the glass. If you ever have the opportunity to order a corona in Mexico you will note that it typically is not served with the lime slice, this is usually reserved for tourists and as part of the brands export marketing strategy.

Corona is Sold in Over 150 Countries 
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In many cases, Corona is more popular around the world than it is in Mexico itself. Its marketing campaign to other nations is one of the most successful beer campaigns in history. With a strong emphasis on being a beer that will relax and refresh you as much as a visit to a tropical beach with white sands, crystal clear blue waters, and palm trees will.

Brewed by Grupo Modelo

Corona Beer is brewed by Grupo Modelo which first started brewing in 1925. From its early beginnings, it has risen to become the top beer producer in Mexico. Corona was originally brewed to mark the 10th anniversary of Grupo Modelo.

An interesting thing to note is that although Corona is the top-selling beer in Mexico and popular by many locals it is not thought to be the best beer brewed by Grupo Model. Many prefer other beers brewed by Grupo Modelo, as they carry a large number of beers with many being priced higher than Corona. An interesting fact is that when it was first exported to the USA it was considered to be a cheaper beer, however, now is typically sold at higher prices in the United States than domestics beers there.

Corona Tasting Notes

It is a lighter-colored beer, appearing almost straw or light copper-like. Its aroma is slightly sweet due to the grains that are used and you will also pick up the skunkiness smell which is attributed to the clear bottle it is packaged in, which allows the sunlight to penetrate the beer and produce the skunked like off-flavor.

Taste-wise it has a refreshing quality to it. You will find it is slightly sweet with hints of corn, floral, and lemon. There is a light bitterness to it from the hops. Its body is light and almost watery feeling. Its aftertaste or finish is slightly dry. When the lime slice is added to the bottle it naturally has more of a citrus taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Corona beer called in Spain?

In Spain, it is called Coronita which means little crown. This beer is not to be confused with the small Corona bottles called Coronita found in other parts of the world.

How much is a Corona beer in Mexico?

It depends where you are purchasing it, and the prices can vary quite drastically anywhere from One USD dollar to seven USD depending on whether you are in a tourist area or an area frequented by the locals.

Is Corona Popular in Mexico?

Considering it is the number one selling beer in Mexico one would have to say that it is indeed popular in Mexico.

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The Final Word

Mexico is the country which is famous for the beer Corona, however, its popularity is not restricted to Mexico, it is the 4th best-selling beer worldwide and in the USA and Canada, it is the top-selling imported beer. In the United States, it is also one of the top 5 overall best-selling beers.

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