Why Do People Like Beer? The Top 10 Reasons!

Why do people like beer? There are two main reasons; people like the taste and it makes them feel good.

As beer drinkers ourselves we know from personal experience those are the main reasons but we also know there are plenty more reasons and as a fun project we decided to sit down and come up with a top 10 list of why people like beer.

#1: They Enjoy The Taste

Reason number one is without a doubt because beers drinkers very much enjoy the taste. Now while it is true that many people will tell you that they did not enjoy the first drink they took, they quickly learned to appreciate the unique tastes and flavors of this beverage. The fact is that for most consumers of beer it tastes good and they enjoy it.

When it comes to flavors there are presently numerous different styles of beers with varying flavors and more are coming on the market on almost a daily basis. There are now flavors that will appeal to the tastes buds of just about anyone. Starting out we recommend starting with the more tame flavored beers, either lager or a pale ale are good choices and even a nice and refreshing hefeweizen. Learn to develop your palate for one style of beer and then move on to exploring others and before long you will have an expanded pallet that enjoys numerous styles.

#2: It Makes Them Feel Good

There is nothing quite like a beer buzz. It could be argued that the first little buzz you get after your first beer or two is unlike any you get from any other type of alcohol. You can almost feel yourself start to instantly relax. For many, it is a great way to unwind from a stressful workweek.

There have been studies done showing that your body starts releasing dopamine as soon as you taste the beer and even before the effects of the alcohol kick in. Dopamine is a natural chemical the body produces that is associated with our feeling of pleasure.

Now granted if you have too many, drink them too fast, or are consuming a high alcohol beer you can become as intoxicated from it as any other alcohol.

#3: The Social Aspect 
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Because the average ABV or alcohol percentage is typically much lower than most other alcoholic beverages you can consume more of it over a longer period of time making it the perfect drink for social events.

Whether you enjoy having pints of beer at your local pub with buddies, going to a Friday night house party, hosting a backyard BBQ, or watching football on Sunday beer is the ideal alcoholic beverage for the occasion.

#4: Beer is Refreshing

There is nothing like cracking open an ice-cold beer on a scorching hot day. Ice cold beer and sunshine go hand and hand better than any other combination known to man.

The irony is that beer does dehydrate you, however when drinking it, it certainly feels like it is having the opposite effect. The image of a beer like a corona with lime on the beach exudes refreshing. Lighter beers certainly present themselves as being more refreshing than their darker counterparts, however, do not let the shade of the beer fool you, a nice cold dry Irish stout like a Guinness is just as light and refreshing as its pale ale and lager counterparts.

#5: Appreciation for its Beauty

For fans of beer, especially craft beer fans, beauty truly is in the eye of the beer holder. Many beer lovers appreciate it for more than just its taste. Its appearance also plays a major part in the equation.

How a beer looks as it is being poured, how it presents in the style of glass it is served in, how thick or thin its head is, how many carbonation bubbles it has rising from the bottom, as well as its color and clarity are all aspects that make for an appealing looking beer and significantly add to the drinking experience for many.

#6: Enjoyment of its Aroma

Wine is not the only beverage that people enjoy smelling the aroma of. Beer has all sorts of unique and enjoyable aromas that beer fans love to smell and talk about with their friends. Granted this is again more for fans of craft beer than commercial styles, however, it is a big factor in why people like those styles of beer so much.

The type of hops, grains, and even yeast can have a profound effect on the aroma of a beer. They can have aromas of caramel, sweet, toasty, chocolaty, roasty, piney, citrusy, herbal, and even spicy to name just a few.

So next time you crack open a beer and pour it into your glass before you have your first sip take the time to smell its aroma and you may find it adds another level of enjoyment to the experience.

#7: It Increases Your Creativity

If you need a creativity boost there are studies that show beer can help you enhance your creative side. The studies show that people who consumed a bottle of beer versus people who did not were more relaxed and able to do better with creative tasks such as brainstorming and coming up with new ideas.

The problem was that after consuming more than two bottles of beer, concentration and ambition levels dropped and people became less effective at completing tasks. So if you find yourself needing a boost of creativity sit down to 1-2 beers and get as much done in that time period as possible because after the 2nd beer your window will have closed.

#8: It’s Trendy

Many millennials drink craft beer because it is trendy and the fashionable thing to do. They enjoy attending beer festivals and brewpubs where they get to sample the different offerings in what is referred to as flight glasses and show off their beer knowledge to their friends by explaining why one beer is superior to the other.

There are also apps where people can rate the beer while drinking it at the brewpub or festival, which provides them the feeling of being experts on the subject of hops, malts, and how bitter, sweet or hoppy the beer is.

#9: The Historical and Cultural Aspects

The history and cultural aspects of beers are fascinating to many people. Beer has been made for centuries and people enjoy not just learning about all of the different ways various cultures have brewed it throughout the ages but they also enjoy visiting historical breweries and pubs such as the Guinness factory at St James Gate in Dublin Ireland and sampling their beers.

#10: Brewing is a Fun Hobby

Many people who like beer end up learning how to brew their own. It is a fun and rewarding hobby enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. Many of the brewers who now make some of your favorite beers started out homebrewing in their kitchens or garage before turning their passion into a business. The hobby is quickly gaining in popularity and people enjoy it for the opportunity to brew with others, being able to share what they have made with friends and family, and even entering into competitions. Not to mention there is nothing quite like having beer you made on tap in your home.

Final Word

People like beer for many reasons, the two most common are they enjoy the taste and they like how it makes them feel; however as you have seen there are many other reasons why they love this delicious beverage.

So now it is your turn, are you a fan of beer, if so let us know why? Also if you have tried beer before and did not like it, here are some tips you might find useful on how to make beer taste better.

Also if you have never tasted beer before and are wondering what it takes like this post might be helpful: What does beer taste like?

P.S. If you are into making your own beer or would like to start be sure to grab the recipes to Big Robb’s top 5 best selling beers from his brewpub. Details are on the side of the blog or at the bottom if you are on your smart device.

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