What is Hop Water?

The trend these days of living a healthier lifestyle has people starting to understand the importance of taking care of their health and reducing the amount of alcohol they consume as a result many are starting to look for alternatives to regular beer that is, unfortunately, chock-full of calories and carbs; hop water has recently emerged as one of the more popular alternatives.

For people who love a hoppy beer and are looking for a refreshing drink that still has a hoppy flavor as well as a slight hint of bitterness but without all of the other stuff hop water is becoming their go-to drink.

Ideal for beer fans and casual drinkers alike, it is a carbonated non-alcoholic drink that combines the taste of hops with hints of herbs to create a unique and enjoyable drink. Not only does it provide an alternative to alcoholic beverages and sugar-filled sodas, but hop water also has numerous health benefits that make it an ideal drink for those looking to lead healthier lives.

In this blog post, we’ll look at what hop water is, what it tastes like, where you can buy it, whether you can get a buzz from it, as well as answer some of your frequently asked questions about this new drink…

What is Hop Water

Hop water is a type of carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage made by combining hops with water and of course carbonating it. The main ingredient are the hops, which provide the drink with its flavor and aroma as well as bitterness. Depending on the type of hops used, the flavor and aroma can range from fruity or floral to herbal or even spicy flavors. It contains no sugar or added artificial ingredients and is typically very low in calories and carbs.

Some brewers also add citrus fruits or herbs like mint or basil for an extra touch of flavor. The drink is then carbonated typically with CO2.

What Does Hop Water Taste Like?

The type of hops used when making it plays a major role in how different brands of hop water taste. If you like a hoppy beer there is a good chance that you will likely enjoy hop water. Most brands on the market that you can try will have a slightly bitter taste but they can also taste sweet and have floral or fruity flavors.

Since there are many different varieties of hops with vastly different flavors there are also many different brands of hop water with varying flavors. So depending on the hop variety used during production, it can have flavors ranging from herbal, earthy, fruity, citrusy, and spicy. The carbonated mineral water it is made with also helps to provide for a smooth mouthfeel that makes it refreshing and easy to drink.

Where to Buy Hop Water?

Hop water is becoming increasingly popular and as a result, it is now easier to find than ever before to find it as many stores are now starting to carry it.  Having said that your best bet is to still purchase it directly from local craft breweries in your area who are brewing it. 

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We have also noticed that some convenience stores and specialty grocers are starting to carry it in the non-alcoholic section.

Online is also an option as there are plenty of websites now offering a wide variety of different brands.

Does Hop Water Give You a Buzz?

Since hop water does not contain sugar and yeast is not used during its production, and it is not fermented like beer or other alcoholic beverages, it does not contain any alcohol and therefore will not give you a buzz or make you intoxicated.

The hops are used solely to add flavor and aroma to the beverage and while they may provide for some mild health benefits such as increased antioxidant activity and improved digestion, they do not provide for any alcohol.

Hop Water vs. Non-Alcoholic Beer

Hop water has no alcohol in it at all, in comparison to non-alcoholic beer which does contain small amounts of alcohol, usually around 0.5 percent ABV, making NA beer much more similar to traditional beers in terms of its mouthfeel and how it tastes.  Like regular beer non-alcoholic beer is still made from grains, yeast, and hops, and in many cases, it is fermented and then later undergoes a process where the alcohol is removed.

Since grains and yeast are not used in the making of hop water and it is not fermented it is much closer to being seltzer water than beer. Non-alcoholic beer also tends to have a higher calorie, carbs, and sugar count than hop water.

Hop Water Commercial Examples

There are a variety of commercial hop water options now available on the market with some of the more popular brands being brewed by well-known breweries such as Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas. The Non Alcoholic beer company Athletic Brewing has also recently entered the hop water market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of hop water?

The point of hop water is to provide a refreshing beverage that is flavorful and full of aroma but without containing any alcohol. They are designed to be enjoyed in place of alcoholic drinks, for those who don’t want to or can’t consume alcohol for medical or religious reasons. They are also a great way to enjoy some of the flavors of traditional beers without getting intoxicated.

Is Hop water good for you?

Some might say that it is good for you due to the fact it does not contain any alcohol, calories, carbs, or sugar.  It is certainly a great alternative for people looking to consume fewer sugary beverages. It is also naturally rich in antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals, making it a much healthier choice than traditional beer or carbonated drinks.

Does hop water have CBD in it?

No, it does not contain CBD. Although there are products on the market that combine hop water with CBD, they are not considered traditional hop water drinks.

Does hop water make you sleepy?

No, it does not make you sleepy as it does not contain any ingredients that would make you feel sleepy or drowsy. Having said that, we did a recent post as to why beer makes you sleepy and during our research, we did come across evidence that hops can have a sedating effect, however, there have been no reports that hop water will make you sleepy.

Last Call

Basically, hop water is simply a non-alcoholic hop-flavored carbonated water beverage. Its flavor will vary depending on the hops that are used to make it as well as any other ingredients the manufacturer includes in their recipe.  If you want to try making your own here is a hop water recipe we designed.

P.S. If you brew your own beer or want to start, be sure to pick up your gift of Big Robb’s top 5 favorite beer recipes from his brewpub. Details are on the side of the blog or at the bottom if you are on your phone. Cheers!

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