Brewing Software

Brewer’s Friend is a set of tools and homebrewing information to help you brew your very best, every time. Easy to use for beginners with powerful features for advanced brewers. Helping you brew awesome beer! To check out Brewer’s Friend you can Click Here!


Jewelry Scale – Good for measuring salt and chemical additions for adjusting your brewing water chemistry as well as hop additions and specialty grains. The Anvil Brewing Equipment digital scale To read the reviews on Amazon and order your own you can Click Here! (Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, Big … Read more

Brewing Water Modifiers

With water comprising up to 95 percent of the volume, water could well be the single most important ingredient in your home brewed beer. Don’t take it for granted! If you need water modifiers like brewing salts or gypsum to adjust the salt and mineral content in your beer, or to change the softness or … Read more

pH Meters

Looking for a digital pH meter to test the pH of your Mash? Check out Apera Instruments Premium Series PH60 Waterproof pH Pocket Tester To read the reviews or order your own you can Click Here (Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, Big Robb appreciates the support, thank you!)

Water Test Kit

Looking to get Your Water tested in order to determine it’s profile.  The Lamotte – BrewLab Plus Water Test Kit 7188-01 will do the trick for you The BrewLab Plus® water test kit, model 7188-01, for home brewers quantifies 6 important water test factors. Includes everything in BrewLab Basic kit plus a high quality digital pH … Read more