What is Ice Beer?

ice beer on a block of ice next to the words what is ice beer.

Ice beer is a style of beer that undergoes a process referred to as fractional freezing; where the beer’s temperature is lowered to just under freezing, typically around 27℉ (-2℃). Since water has a much higher freezing point than alcohol (ethanol) only the water freezes at this temperature forming ice crystals. These ice crystals are … Read more

Guide to Bottle Conditioning Beer

People raising a toast with bottle conditioned beer, next to the words Gudie to bottle conditioning beer.

Bottle conditioning beer is one of two methods used to carbonate beer, where the carbonation occurs in the bottle; the other is forced carbonation where CO2 gas is administered directly into the beer. Although more time-intensive bottling conditioning is a technique that produces an overall higher-quality beer. If done correctly it provides for a preferred … Read more

Guide to Brewing with Honey

A honey beer next to a pot of honey next to the words guide to brewing with honey.

Most people when they think of brewing with honey don’t actually think of honey beer but rather the infamous alcoholic beverage consumed by the vikings that many mistakenly call mead but was actually a drink called grog (similar but not the same). However, thanks to adventurous brewers the popularity of honey beer is on the … Read more