How Long Does It Take To Make Beer?

man making beer with text written next to him that says how long does it take to make beer

Being a blog about homebrewing one of the top questions I often get asked is: how long does it take to make beer? It is the first thing that anyone looking to get started in this hobby wants to know. It is a straightforward question that like most things worthwhile does not have a straightforward … Read more

The Complete Guide to Pressure Fermentation

A highly carbonated beer on a table with the words the complete guide to pressure fermentation written next to it.

Pressure fermentation or perhaps better described as fermenting or brewing under pressure is a concept that has been gaining in popularity in the homebrewing community over the last few years. Craft breweries have used this technique for many years, and now due to the innovation and advancement of brewing equipment homebrewers are able to use … Read more

Extra Special Bitter Recipe

A extra special bitter recipe next to a pint of ESB on a desk.

An Extra Special Bitter or ESB for short is a unique style of English Pale Ale that despite being known for having a stronger hop and malt profile then other English Pale Ales are in actuality a nicely balanced beer style. Creating an Extra Special Bitter recipe is a unique experience in that although it … Read more

How to Homebrew a Porter

A Porter Ale on a bar with the works How to homebrew a porter written next to it.

As I write this it is now the middle of October in Eastern Canada, the leaves have already turned color and are starting to fall off the trees. It is getting colder day by day. Winter is on it’s way. For the homebrewer in me this means it is time to switch from brewing lighter … Read more

All Grain Cream Ale Recipe

All Grain Cream Ale Recipe

In this post you are going to learn the exact step by step process on how to make a cream ale and also get an easy to brew but deliciously, refreshing and smooth all grain cream ale recipe. As you are going to see, learning how to homebrew this beer is relatively simple which on … Read more