Make Your Own Beer Kit – Step by Step

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So you are looking to make your own beer kit eh?

This means one of two things…

1) You have been using store purchased beer kits, that come with the can of pre-hopped malt extract AKA can of goo.  Something like a Pale ale home brew with hops and grainsCoopers Kit or a Muntons, etc.

2) You are just getting started brewing beer and wish to by pass the whole “beer kit” brewing thing.

Either way… what I am going to do in this post is explain what making your own kit would actually be… how to go about doing it…. where to get the ingredients…. where to get the best recipes….

Lets get at it….

This Is Really All Grain Brewing

What you are really asking when you ask how to make your own beer kit is how do you do all grain brewing?

See the beer kits that come in the can have gone through part of the brewing process.

The companies like Coopers & Muntons that make the kits have pretty much brewed the beer already for you…

…and then they have simply evaporated most of the water out of it leaving the goo (malt with hops in it) behind that they in turn package up nicely in the can and instruct you to add water to it to re-hyrdate it, etc.

So if you are wanting to make beer at home without a kit… you are basically venturing into the land of all grain brewing.

Which means you are making beer from scratch with all natural ingredients.

Now before we get into how to brew your own batch of all grain beer…

If you have never even brewed beer from a kit before then I definitely recommend you start there.  Brew a few batches of beers from a kit and then move to all grain brewing.

The following is a link to a post where I show you step by step how to brew beer from a kit:

==> Get Started Brewing Beer

And the following link is to a post where I review my favorite equipment for making beer from kits.  Even if you are going to make all grain beer from scratch the equipment in the following post is some of the best I have found:

==> Coopers Homebrew Kit Review

How to Make Your Own Beer Kit

All grain brewing or making your own beer kit… is where you take grains and soak them in warm water, what is known as mashing…

this gets all of the sugars and starches out of the grains all grain brewing system

… we then remove the liquid with all that goodness in it from the grains; we do so by transferring it to a kettle

… once in the kettle we boil this liquid, adding the hops as we go through out the boil

once the boil is complete we then chill the liquid (now called wort) down to the temperature we can safely add the yeast without killing the yeast off.

We then are pretty much at the stage you would be when you bought your beer kit.

So obviously what I just wrote is an incredibly high elevated overview of how to brew…

The following link will take you to a post where I provide the exact step by step process you can follow to make great all grain beer.  It includes the equipment you need, the ingredients, the full Monty!

==> Making Beer at Home Without a Kit

What Recipe are You Going to Use?

It goes without saying that you will need a recipe when you are making your beer.

I suppose you could just toss some grains into the mash ton and hope for the best; who knows you might end up making the worlds best beer… highly unlikely & chances are it will be pure shite and will end up going down the drain!  lol

There are ton of places to get recipes.  

=> The internet has tons of recipes.  A simple google search for any type of beer recipe will get you recipes.

=> There are some great books out there.  I love and think every home brewer should have Greg Hughes book “Home Brew Beer”.  Its jammed full with some of the best recipes I have ever used to make home brew with.

=> I also share some of my favorite recipes on this site, feel free to use them:

Home Brewing Recipes

=> And lastly one of the best ways to get some really great recipes is to pick up an All Grain beer kit!  Yup a kit.

But NOT the can of goo kit.  Some homebrew supply shops have prepackaged all grain beer kits.  Meaning all of the ingredients AND the recipes are packaged up in a nice little box for you.

Simple, easy, and the beer turns out very nice.

The cool thing is you get to reuse that recipe if you ended up liking the beer.  Keep the recipe and then just source out the ingredients on your own for the next time you brew it.

In the next section I tell you where you can get those prepacked all grain beer kits….

Where to Get the Ingredients

If you are going to make your own beer kit you obviously you need the ingredients to do so…

There are tons of homebrew supply shops everywhere.

Now no question some are better then others.  I find most of the local shops in your neighborhood carry mostly just the beer kits themselves verses the ingredients to make your own.

Online is a different story…

There are a lot more homebrew supply stores online and pretty much all of them sell ingredients including the prepacked all grain beer kits we just talked about.

The following are some of my favorites:

=> Adventures in Homebrewing  (they have some of my favorite prepackaged all grain beer kits)

That Is All Folks

And that my friend is pretty much all that is involved if you want to make your own beer kit.

I hope you found this post helpful.  Check out the links I provided you with, everything you need to get started making yourself some good beer is on this site.

If I can help you in any way put a comment down below and I will be sure to answer your question and do what I can for you!  Cheers my friend!

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